Danielle and Kathleen discuss the recent BBC investigation into Calcot Services for Children, which revealed reports of abuse including grooming and child sexual abuse.

Danielle and Kathleen discuss the recent headlines regarding abuse in the massage therapy and the increased dangers with home treatments.

Kathleen interviews a hero of hers, Ian Ackley, a survivor of abuse in football and an advocate for other survivors. Disclosed abuse survivor Ian Ackley describes not being believed when he first publicly disclosed his abuse in 1997, and how turned this devastating experience into a lifelong quest to support victims and survivors and raise awareness.

In the decades since his public disclosure, he has worked hard to recover from the trauma and just as hard to keep himself well.  He has learned how to recognise himself as a multi-faceted person, who is not just a survivor, but also a father, partner, musician, carpenter and many others.  And he has also learned how to respond when other professionals try to diminish his voice by labelling him as just a survivor.

Kathleen, Danielle and Feleena discuss the recent announcement of strike by the Criminal Bar Association. The abuse team discuss how the strike has come about and what the affect may be for survivors, both positive and negative, not only now but in the future.

July 15, 2022

The Oldham Report

Alan, Danielle and Feleena discuss the Oldham Report which has recently been published. The independent inquiry was set up after allegations circulated that Oldham Council was covering up child sexual exploitation. The report examined the way child sexual exploitation was tackled between 2011 and 2014 by the council and Greater Manchester Police.

Alan Collins Danielle Vincent and Feleena Grosvenor discuss Transport for London’s (TFL) recent campaign to tackle sexual harassment. TFL have placed posters within tubes with titles of “common” sexual harassment methods with a clear warning that it will not be tolerated.

The abuse team discuss the recent decision of the US Supreme Court to overturn Roe v Wade, which means abortion laws are now governed by the individual state, with some states banning abortion in all instances.

Kathleen interviews a hero of hers, Ian Ackley, a survivor of abuse in football and an advocate for other survivors. He discusses the value of his lived experiences to help provide support, interventions and a helping hand through the reporting process.

Danielle and Feleena discuss consent to medical treatment and the possible legal recourse to the same. They discuss its relevance to the recent Netflix documentary “Our Father” regarding a fertility specialist in who inseminated dozens of patients with his own sperm, without their knowledge or consent.

Danielle and Kathleen share their thoughts on the CPS's new advice on pre-trial therapy, and the fact that therapy notes are now able to be used as evidence in trial. They believe that personal information could be used to discredit the victim by the defence.

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